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    horse shirts & horse gifts

    Looking for Horse Shirts?

    Love horses? Know someone who does? Then we've got the horse t-shirts for you and horse gifts of many other kinds. Exclusive, unique western, english, dressage, jumping and other horse shirts only available here. All cartoons & drawings are done by our own artist, Johnny Hawk. We're horse folk ourselves, (you'll find pictures of us scattered thoughout the site) and all of our horse shirts are based on horses we know or have known in the past. We also have some falconry t-shirts as John has been a falconer for over 25 years. (His nickname, Johnny Hawk, was given to him by a friend of ours early in our marriage, 40 years ago.)

    Most of the photos were taken by an up & coming photographer, Amy Williams. If you're interested in her doing a farm shoot or any other kind (in the San Diego area), contact us & we'll pass it on to her.

    Pick a design & check out the page for it - not all of our horse gifts have their own separate page yet! There's infant, toddler & kid stuff, boxers, bears & other stuff!

    Horse Tees, Tanks, Long-sleeved, Sweatshirts, Kids, Infants and more

    Long Sleeved, dark shirts, colored shirts, tank tops, baseball jerseys, tank tops, sleeveless, kids & more - all those Horse t-shirts designs of ours on a wide variety of shirts. These are a few examples - there are many more styles than these . . .
    horse shirts
    horse tees
    horse t-shirts
    horse shirts
    We have horse cartoons for all these disciplines: English Horses, Western Horses, Jumping Horses, Trail Horses, Miscellaneous Horses, "Rude" Horses & Christmas Horses. We also have Border Collie cartoons and Falconry cartoons. Check out our Kids page for baby and toddler horse shirts and gifts.

    Other Horse and Dog Gifts

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